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The Vocal Exercise and Fitness Pass is like a membership to the gym after you have spent time with a trainer. If you are studying privately with a teacher or not interested in lessons, the fitness center might be just for you.

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There are two reasons to do vocal exercises: because they always sound great and they are fun! NOT.

We know. We're singers too. However, if you come to really understand and appreciate why you are doing a vocal exercise, it becomes much easier. It still might not be "fun", but it can be quite satisfying and rewarding!

The purpose for doing vocal exercises is to repeat good habit patterns over and over again. Hence, the repeating of a melody again and again. Moving a melody up and down by half step helps both instill the pattern and enforce agility and flexibility throughout your vocal range.

Here's the problem...first, most people don't do vocal exercises; and second, many of those that do vocal exercises are focusing on all the wrong things.

Why? You have to understand what a bad choice is AND be able to recognize order to stop practicing it over and over again. We are here to help you recognize those choices, and make better ones. Choices that will help your voice fill a room and freely express yourself as a creative artist.

The A2Z Smart Music Academy™ has taken into account how dull vocal exercise can be, especially in this fast-paced world. We have done quite a bit to try to make vocal exercise effective and easy, which does in all honesty seem to make it more fun. To assist in your training there are several different ways to exercise your voice:

  • Contemporary Vocal Exercises (exercise to an accompaniment including a drum beat)
  • Class Vocal Exercises (exercise to piano only)
  • Dynamic Karaoke Vocal Exercises (watch the exercise on the screen, change your key and tempo as desired)
  • Dynamic Contemporary and Classic Vocal Exercises (includes ability to change key and tempo)

Vocal maintenance is a necessary action in order to keep your voice in tip-top shape over the years. Just fifteen to thirty minutes a day, five days a week makes an incredible difference to vocal tone, strength and stamina. For this and all the reasons above, A2Z is providing a Fitness Only Pass for an incredibly affordable price.

And, we listen when you share your needs. If you find yourself with a specific vocal exercise that would benefit you greatly, but can't find in our extensive library: Use the A2Z Wishlist located in the Right Sidebar when you are logged in. We consider all requests received for exercise additions and system improvements!

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