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Advanced Exercises

by Jeannie Deva®

Product Includes: (4) Audio CDs with Instruction Booklet

Type: Book, DVD or CD

Hard Copy items are shipped within 3-5 days depending upon the publisher.

Code: DEV_CV02
Author: Jeannie Deva®
Skill: Intermediate to Advanced
Genre: Singing Lessons
Subgenre: Advanced Vocal Exercises
Publisher: Jeannie Deva® Voice Studios

Expression, Heart, Confidence and Control can be yours when you buy and use these advanced exercises. 

It is recommended that you complete Contemporary Vocalist, Vol 1, CDs #1 and #2, before starting Contemporary Vocalist, Vol 2. The MP3 version of the 4 CDs of Volume Two contain Jeannie Deva's personalized coaching plus a small booklet of written instructions and tips round out all you need to explore, discover and realize potential you may not even know you have.

"Jeannie Deva's method dispels vocal myths and has helped me sing at my best in my own style." - Harriet Schock, Grammy nominated, gold and platinum songwriter/recording artist.

In the friendly, supportive and personalized approach for which she is known, Jeannie Deva helps you achieve a fully expressive voice. Providing piano accompaniment and intuitive coaching tips, she keeps your vocalizing both fun and rewarding. Use these CDs in sequence or customize a practice routine to suit your needs. 


The exercises in Contemporary Vocalist Volume Two are intended to be used after a singer has developed specific skills addressed in Volume One. I published the first volume after many years of working with professionals and it is designed so that even experienced singers will benefit from working with it. If you have already practiced with Contemporary Vocalist Volume One, CDs 1 and 2, you can begin practicing with Volume 2, CD#1, "Eliminating the Break."

To achieve full results with Volume Two you need to already have achieved the following FIVE basics:

(1) You can easily maintain rib cage expansion, with a relaxed stomach.

(2) You can keep your jaw open and still about a 2-finger width as you sing the vocal exercises.

(3) You have become relatively comfortable with the exercises of Volume One, CDs 1 and 2.

(4) You can keep the tip of your tongue resting against the back fo your bottom teeth, with lips relaxed, as you sing the vocal exercises.

(5) You can sing staccato in the exercises of Volume One with ease and precision.


1. Eliminating the Break
Achieve a multi-octave, full sounding voice with no strain or break between registers. The exercises focus on developing the natural inner muscle movements necessary to eliminate register break. 

2. Precision and Flexibility
This CD stretches your range with exercises that work the speed, precision and muscle flexibility of your voice. The result is professional command over your voice without having to think about technique. 

3. Strength and Stamina 
How much demand do you place on your voice when you sing? Here are specific vocal exercises to give you the strength and stamina you need to sing long, hard and full throughout your range night after night, rehearsal after rehearsal after, without fear of blowout or having to cancel gigs. 

4. Riffs, Runs and Embellishments
Need work on your vocal embellishments? Want to stretch your creative ideas for greater expressiveness and versatility? This is a revolutionary approach to vocal exercising and development! Stylistic riffs and "improvisations" are set to music as if you are singing with a band. The vocal melodies work with a variety of musical styles and put your vocal development into immediate application. The music makes practicing fun and inspirational. This tape can be practiced with right away, before any other, however the riffs can be very challenging. 

If you find the routine of one CD too difficult, it usually means there are necessary vocal developments you have not fully achieved from one of the earlier CDs. Problems arise when a singer has not achieved the five basic foundation steps listed earlier. If this occurs, go back to the simpler exercises, even if it means returning to CD 1 "Breath and Control" from Volume One, for a week or more to practice for proficiency in these five basics. Then move forward through the Second CD of Volume One as you will find new levels of enhancement and exciting breakthroughs as you practice with your foundation better established.

How Much Does it Cost?

Only $ ! If you want to sing with the best of them, and prefer a non-classical approach, begin training with Vocal Coach Jeannie Deva® right away!

Ready to improve your Singing Technique and Performance Skills? ORDER NOW!

Advanced Exercises

by Jeannie Deva®

Product Includes: (4) Audio CDs with Instruction Booklet

Type: Book, DVD or CD

Hard Copy items are shipped within 3-5 days depending upon the publisher.

Code: DEV_CV02
Author: Jeannie Deva®
Skill: Intermediate to Advanced
Genre: Singing Lessons
Subgenre: Advanced Vocal Exercises
Publisher: Jeannie Deva® Voice Studios


Vocal Coach and Expert Mark BaxterJeannie Deva coaches in-person at her Brentwood and San Gabriel Valley, California studios.

As a performance and session vocal coach, she goes on-location to recording studios, sound stages and theaters. For more information and scheduling, contact Jeannie through

Jeannie Deva's Celebrity Client list includes:

Grammy Award Winners Aimee Mann (SuperEgo Records) and Patty Griffin (ATO Records) 
Lynda Carter, (Singer, TV, Film Actress - Wonder Woman) 
Felecia Howse (Multi-Platinum group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Epic Records) 
Ruddy Rodriquez (South American Superstar - actress, model, recording artist) 
Members of the J. Geils Band (Atlantic, EMI, Rounder Records) and Multi-Platinum Foghat (Bearsville Records) Adam 812 Samantha James (#1 Billboard Dance Chart) 
Charolote Jorgensen (Dancing with the Stars partner to John Hurley) 
Dar Williams (Razor and Tie Records) 
Leads in Broadway's Wicked, Rent, Grease, Lion King and Fame 
Backing Singers for Pink, Elton John, Celine Dion, Julio Iglesias, Joss Stone, Janet Jackson and Stevie Wonder 
Producers of Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, The Cars, Amy Winehouse, Ludacris, , DJ Jazzy Jeff.

With a career that spans nearly four decades, Jeannie Deva is an international celebrity voice and performance coach, published author, clinician, recording studio vocal producer, trainer of voice teachers and originator of The Deva Method® - Complete Voice Training for Stage and Studio. 

Appearing on E! Entertainment television in the fall of 2006, Jeannie Deva was the vocal coach for the new Reality ShowHouse of Carters staring Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. She is on the elite vocal instructor council of TC-Helicon's Vocal Technologies and one of several prominent vocal coaches officially endorsing Thayer's products for Singers. As a graduate from Berklee College of Music in 1975 with a degree in Composition and Arranging, Jeannie assisted in establishing the college's voice department and later became President of Berklee's Alumni Association for ten-years. 

Voice teachers around the world base their teaching on Ms Deva's method from her published books and CDs. She is featured on the acclaimed video The Vocalist's Guide to Fitness, Health and Musicianship by Internationally respected music educator Julie Lyonn Lieberman and distributed by Hal Leonard.

Television Appearances as Celebrity Vocal Coach

Idol Chat on TV Guide Channel - February 2007
House of Carters E! Entertainment TV - October 2006 
Question Reality with host Priscilla Leona - October 2005 on Adelphia Cable TV Los Angeles - Half million households
Visual Radio with host Joe Vigleone - 1999-2001 on Boston cable
Venezuelan TV Station - 1993 - 150 million viewers

Recording Session Vocal Coach and Producer

Studio Vocal Coach

Record producers, labels and vocalists fly Jeannie to national and international locations to assist with the recording of their albums. For her work as a session vocal coach, Jeannie has received endorsements from engineers who worked with the Rolling Stones, The Cars, Elton John, Amy Winehouse and Aerosmith. 

Jeannie has developed tools and techniques to improve vocals quickly and efficiently. She is expert in assisting a singer with virtually anything needed to prepare for a recording project such as: 
  • Correction of Vocal Difficulties and Vocal Strengthening
  • Song Development
  • Harmony and Backup Blending and Arrangement
  • Recording Studio Singing Techniques to Achieve Powerful Vocal Performance
  • Accent Reduction

Founder of Jeannie Deva® Voice Studios

In 1978 Jeannie founded The Voice Studio™ in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Word of her new method of training popular music singers spread quickly and soon she was training most of the top bands of the region. By 1989 she had created a training program to certify voice teachers in her method. In 1991, she and her manager moved her voice studios to the heart of the music community of Boston, changed the business name to Jeannie Deva Voice Studios and staffed it with eight Deva Method voice teachers. During the many years to follow, they serviced an international clientele coaching up to 100 singers weekly. 

In 2002 with the Boston school still running, Jeannie re-located to Los Angeles and established her private studio there. At that time a new corporate model was developed and all Deva Method teachers became licensed to open their own independently owned and operated Jeannie Deva Voice Studios in their local areas. Currently there are two Deva Method studios in the greater Boston area, along with one in Hollywood, North Hollywood and Sydney, Australia. 

Performing Artist 

Jeannie's professional singing career spans four decades, beginning in a group with Janis Ian opening for Richie Havens in Greenwich Village, New York. As an international vocalist, Ms Deva has shared billing or the stage with performers such as David Pomerantz, Dave Van Ronk, Gail Moran Corea, David Bromberg, percussionist Hossam Ramsey (Peter Gabriel, Robert Plant), Maxine Nightingale, multi-Platinum artist David Campbell and Blues Great Johnny Shines. With a vocal range of four octaves, Deva combines styles from R&B, Gospel, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Classical-Pop, using her voice with lyrics and as an instrument without lyrics. Having extensive experience singing in recording studios and on stage, she has headlined concerts in the US, South America and Europe.

Published Author and Columnist Worldwide

Titles in Print: 

Over a span of 22 years, more than 400 articles on the voice and related topics by Jeannie Deva have been published in a variety of music magazines and webzines: Currently, regular columns can be found in Vocals Magazine,,,,,,, The Singers? Workshop at,,, amongst others.

Clinics, Workshops and Music Industry Panels

Ms Deva has appeared as clinician, workshop leader and panelist for organizations including: Berklee College of Music, Boston Celebrity Centre International, Los Angeles Fashion Institute of New York Caracas Arts Company, Venezuela Boston University New York University Sweet Adeline's International, Florida and New Hampshire conventions and chapters European Arts Festivals, England Celebrity Centre New York, London and Nashville The Artist's Associations of Puerto Rico, Stockholm, Sweden and Boston, MA. New England Musician's Expo Music N Motion Studios, Hamburg, Germany Artists for a Better World, Los Angeles Artists Helping Artists Summits, Los Angeles LA Women in Music Expo Females on Fire, Los Angeles Music Festival International Artist's Conventions aboard the Freewinds SMV, Curacao 

Panel Topics include:
 Singers Panels, Stage Craft, Demo Analysis and Critique, Recording Production for Singers, Vocal Technique - The Deva Method, Music Production Panels, Making it in the Music Industry and Performance Technique.

Advanced Exercises

by Jeannie Deva®

Product Includes: (4) Audio CDs with Instruction Booklet

Type: Book, DVD or CD

Hard Copy items are shipped within 3-5 days depending upon the publisher.

Code: DEV_CV02
Author: Jeannie Deva®
Skill: Intermediate to Advanced
Genre: Singing Lessons
Subgenre: Advanced Vocal Exercises
Publisher: Jeannie Deva® Voice Studios


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