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As you may have already deduced, The A2Z Smart Music Academy is a multi-faceted, interactive, online experience for anyone that wishes to improve their singing voice.

Even with the interactive nature of our online campus, we couldn't stop there. We desired an even MORE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

SecondLife.com is a 3D Virtual Reality where if you haven't heard of it, people actually create avatars and meet online for a variety of purposes. Our purpose is to offer a unique experience for singers around the world. On SecondLife you will find the Nashville Music Row Sim, which is designed after Nashville and if you are familiar with the city will feel right at home!


Learn how to sing at the Nashville Music Academy

The A2Z Smart Training Center is located in the building designed after the new Nashville Convention Center. It is organized and easy to use!

1. Log Into SecondLife.com (free account)

2. Teleport to this address (click it after logging in).

3. Use keyboard arrows to walk into the building.


Resgister to Learn How to Sing

Register for FREE at the front desk and click the START HERE for important information.

Learn How to Sing - Orientation

Begin your training with Orientation to get an overall view of what you will be learning. Some of the concepts will be unique to you, even if you have been training for years...so don't skip this step!


LEARN HOW TO SING - 10 Steps to Singing Success

A2Z Smart Music academy Virtual CampusA2Z Smart Music Academy:

Inside the Academy Building you will find everything you need to find and sing with your best voice. The training is set up as a 24/7 Self-Study Expo, with coach assistance as needed.


SingerCity Vocal Fitness Fun ParkVocal Fitness Center

At the virtual Academy you will find that daily vocal exercise is actually turned into an easy and fun experience. If you are a hands-on learner or have trouble getting yourself to exercise your voice, you definitely need to check this out.

Located on the second floor of the Nashville Music Academy you can start with Exercise Checkpoint #01 and work your way around the circle. Spend an hour and do the full vocal exercise roundabout workout, or tailor the exericise to meet your needs.

Need additional assistance? Send Coach Yvonne (aka SingerGirl Mode) a personal IM or drop a notecard in her mailbox at the front desk. Yes, it's that easy!


with the SongSMART™ System

Learn to Sing New SongsLearning to sing new songs can be fun, fast and easy...if you know what you are doing. A football player doesn't learn to how to be a quarterback without first learning how to throw the ball and make a play...just like you will not learn how to be a professional singer without knowing how to learn new songs using good, strong choices. At least, not in a fast or easy manner.

Use this system to learn new songs with GOOD CHOICES and you can not only increase the number of songs in your repertoire, but you will learn to sing them fast and will sing them better from the first phrase vocalized.


to Professional Backing Tracks

Learn to Sing Real Songs

Once you have studied the SongSMART™ System it is time to put it into practice by singing real songs, to professional backing tracks.

Click the jukebox and receive a menu of popular songs that will be valuable additions to your repertoire list as a working singer.


Learn the Art of Sincere Singing

Have you ever wondered why some people sound so emotional and connected with a song while other artists sound like they are reciting robots? There really is an art to sincere singing and learning to tell the story through your facial expressions and vocal tone.

Don't let the "song sing you," instead learn how to connect with your audience on an intimate level.


Vocal Master Classes

Need a little more personal attention?

No problem, vocal master classes are taught every week at the academy. During these classes you can get your personal questions answered and you can even sing for your peers and work directly with Coach Yvonne to see immediate improvement in your performance!

And believe it or not, this class is absolutely FREE!



at the BlueBird Cafe

Live Performance at the BlueBird Cafe

When you are ready to perform live in front of an audience, Coach Yvonne will schedule you at the BlueBird Cafe where you can share your voice with an international audience.



The design of the SingSMART™ Tools have always been known to make singers feel like they had a vocal coach with them the entire time, and now...you actually do!

Just know that whether you wish to stick with the Online Web Academy, join us on the A2Z Virtual Campus, or maximize your experience by utilizing both, you will find everything you need to become the best singer you can be.


1. Log Into SecondLife.com (free account)

2. Teleport to this address (click it after logging in).

3. Use keyboard arrows to walk into the building and proceed to the Front Desk for Registration and Orientation.

"When you SingSMARTâ„¢, Singing is Easy...
and Singing is Easy when you follow the TEN STEPS to SINGING SUCCESS™."

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