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Teacher Registration

Teaching singing has never been easier than with the A2Z Smart Music Academy.

Teacher Registration
$150.00 for the first year, then $50.00 for each year
Teacher Registration
Includes print and download options for all SingSMART™ Tools (please respect author's copyright) and the Teacher's Lounge where you will find information on how to successfully run a vocal studio and more.
Vocal Coach Directory - Edit Listing Access
Connect with students using the Vocal-Coaches.com popular directory service, and gain access to the A2Z Smart Music Academy and all of the SingSMART vocal training tools. Lifetime listings get lifetime Academy access, which means as new tools become available, you will also have access to them!
Vocal Coach Directory - Annual Listing
Add your listing to the popular Vocal-Coaches.com directory as well as have your services advertised through the A2Z Smart Music Group Network helping you to connect to students.


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