Do you love to SING?

If you are serious about singing and really want to learn everything about the singing voice (or are teaching voice, chorus, worship team, elementary music, etc), we have a place for you here at the A2Z Smart Music Academy!


A2Z Smart Music Online Web Academy is an easy, fun and affordable way to learn how to sing from scratch or to improve your current singing voice skills. Really learning and understanding the artful craft of singing takes years. Unfortunately if you are only provided the information you get in voice lessons, it will take you a long time to reach your true singing potential. Let's face it, your voice teacher has a lot to do for you. After taking the time to make sure you are properly warmed up along with song performance time needed to train you on material ... how much time do you really get to discuss technique? Usually, not much. Inside our hallways you will find detailed singing lessons on how to accomplish simple but important tasks as they relate to the singing voice. Just like any sport requires practice and coordination of skills, so does the sport of singing.

Whether you are one of the lucky ones who regularly trains with a teacher, or someone who is studying independently at home, your singing skills will progress quickly using our systems. One easy step at a time you will learn specific skills and build upon a logical foundation of specific actions...the secrets of singing, if you will.

Keep reading below to get an idea of some of the departments available to registered students. At A2Z we believe in mentoring anyone who wants to enjoy their voice: from singing the very first note all the way to live performance (if that is the singer's goal). So if you are a complete newbie, don't worry; you will have all the guidance you need and your training can truly lead to live performance if you do your part! Experienced or advanced singers are especially encouraged to visit us. You will learn tricks of the trade and get rid of personal sabotage habits that are keeping you from your full potential.

Just to make sure there is no confusion -- access to the A2Z Online Campus is done from this page and easily accessed from any web browser (See link on the left, Enter A2Z Academy). While the A2Z Online Campus is not as visually interactive as our Virtual Campus, you will still feel like you have a coach with you at all times, getting easy, organized access to all of the singing secrets you have always wanted to know.


A2Z Smart Music Academy Virtual is a 3D Virtual Reality where, if you haven't heard of it, people actually create avatars and meet online for a variety of purposes.

Our purpose is to offer a unique experience for singers around the world. On SecondLife you will find SingerCity Island, which is home to the A2Z Smart Music Academy Virtual Campus and the SingerCity Vocal Fitness Fun Park where daily vocal exercise is actually turned into a fun and exciting experience. Can you survive the Giant Siren Slide or Vocal Motorboat the actual distance your avatar does? If you are a hands-on learner or have trouble getting yourself to exercise your voice, you definitely need to check this out.

To take advantage of all the incredible opportunities the A2Z Virtual Campus has to offer, you must first create a FREE account with

Speaking of FREE, registration for the A2Z Virtual Campus is currently INCLUDED in Academy Online Registration for full-time students (Gold and Silver levels) for no extra cost. This real-time interactive experience takes learning to sing online to a completely different level.

Imagine reading a lesson, vocal exercising or even singing a song and you have a few questions or desire professional feedback. All you have to do is walk a short distance to Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi's, BME, Office and ask her yourself. From 24/7 detailed training on campus to Master Classes, from daily exercise to live performance, the A2Z Virtual Campus for Singers is a brand new kind of experience. Read below for more information on how A2Z operates (on both campuses). Click here if you want more details about the A2Z Virtual Campus now.



Learn How to Sing from A2Z Vocal Exercises for Singers Practice Singing Real  Songs - Professional Song Tracks Get a Professional Singing Gig

Learn How to Sing

Vocal Exercise and Fitness

Practice Singing Real Songs

Perform Live for an Audience

Learning how to sing is easy when you train at A2Z. With hundreds of singing lessons to choose from and new lessons being published every day, you will have access to all the singing tips, facts and secrets you need to really find your voice.

Whether you choose to use the Online Web Academy, the A2Z Virtual Academy on SecondLife, or both, you will find the interactive nature refreshing and the logical order of assignments very easy to follow.

To top it off, you don't have to do it alone. Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi, BME, and the A2Z Staff are here to help you. Use the interactive forms online, or teleport to the A2Z Virtual Campus on SecondLife and ask your questions in person, real time. While you are there, sign up for a master class or take a detailed series of lessons on Breathing for Singing, Resonance, Tone Placement, etc.

The A2Z Smart Music Academy is a creative and interactive way to improve your singing skills and connect with other singers on the same journey, no matter which campus you prefer. You can even join the Apprentice Program and get specific personal guidance from Coach.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the A2Z Smart Music Academy can help you reach your singing goals.

Vocal Exercises

Exercising your voice has never been more fun, which means you will do it more often, making it more effective..and so much smarter!

The A2Z Online Web Campus
(you are on it right now!) offers a large variety of vocal exercises, including many different contemporary routines. Our Karaoke-style exercises even include an entertaining and effective bouncing ball that bounces on the note you are singing! The A2Z Dynamic System includes both Classic and Contemporary Style Exercises with the ability to change the key and tempo.

The A2Z Virtual Campus on SecondLife takes exercising and vocal fitness to a whole new level.

Vocal Exercises

This course is designed to entertain you and challenge you in a variety of ways, using your SecondLife avatar as a fun training tool all of the way.

Whether you are just learning to sing or you are maintaining your chops for four-hour shows every night, we can actually make vocal exercise fun for you.

By the way...have trouble motivating yourself to exercise your voice? Join a Fitness Fun Group and you don't have to!

Join us!

Let's face it, no one really likes to do vocal exercises; singing songs is what we really want to do. We understand that fact and have provided professional practice tracks of some classic and contemporary songs for you to do just that on both campuses.

Our song library continues to grow so we can keep you on your toes with new material; and of course, we are open to song suggestions for new track additions!

On the A2Z Virtual Campus we have a performance practice studio on the third floor.

Vocal Exercises

Jump on a microphone and sing to your hearts content. Only you will be able to hear yourself at this point, but if you step out on the patio you just might find Coach Yvonne or another A2Z Mentor doing open-mic performance critiques.

That's right! If you so desire, you can sing for a live audience in these types of practice settings from the very beginning, receiving expert critique and guidance.

The A2Z Online Academy and SingSMART Apprentice Program will walk you through setting up your own concert, auditioning for a local band, whatever your performance goals are...we'll provide the information, guidance and the tools. The rest is up to you!

Gold Level Registration includes video submission for a SMARTcritique and personal mentored guidance on improving your vocal skills.

The A2Z Virtual Campus takes it a step further. You can actually perform in SecondLife in front of a live audience.

Performance opportunities include open mic outside the Performance Practice Center, open mic public performances on the Hidden Hotspot Deck behind the waterfall, Apprentice Recitals in the A2Z Grand Hall and paid performances both on the A2Z Rooftop and throughout SecondLife venues around the world.

Vocal Exercises

For those who still can't understand how performances and training like this can be done through the use of avatars, we just have one thing to say: hasn't NBC® proven that it really is only THE VOICE® that matters?


Fortunately, you don't have to choose! Current registration includes both campuses. Whether you decide to utilize the A2Z Online Campus, A2Z Virtual Campus, or both, you will still have access to all the same invaluable information: it really just depends on how you like to learn. Do you prefer to read and privately experiment or do you prefer to be more interactive, even going so far as personally connecting with an expert vocal coach and other singers? Regardless of your personal preferences, we can help you find your way.

Singing Lessons Online - Learn More Learn more about the A2Z Smart Music Academy and how it all works.

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If you are serious about singing and really want to learn all about the singing voice (or are teaching voice, chorus or elementary music), we have a place for you here at the A2Z Smart Music Academy!

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